Easy Signup

After signing up, you will create an internal account your clients. Then, you can begin creating Apps for your clients. Your prototype period is 21 days which your client can view the application before it needs to be published.

  • App CMSApp CMS Management

    Apps will pull content from your customized App CMS. Your firm can manage the content updates on behalf of your client.

  • Custom URLCustom URL

    If you want your clients to manage the content in their app, give them a URL that is branded to your firm. For example, http://mobilecms.yourcompany.com

  • Usage StatisticsUsage Statistics

    Our back-end management portal will allow you to see what features your clients are using the most. Use this to cross-sell additional features.

  • Guaranteed UptimeGuaranteed Uptime

    Since we handle all the headaches associated with hosting, web servers, backups, bandwidth, etc. you can focus on what you do best -- closing and keeping more clients.